"I have been seeing Melissa for close to a year now and I can tell you, she knows what she's doing. I have a rather complicated situation because I have hyper flexible joints and an inflexible back. Add the fact that the right side of my body is much stronger than the left due to neurological issues and things get very complicated. By listening carefully and applying her vast knowledge of sports physiology and neurology, Melissa has been amazing at showing me  things about working with my body that I was never aware of. She has shown me how to stretch (or NOT stretch), how to improve my body alignment and posture during exercise, and how to use mobility exercises to "wake up" my body. She has helped me get a very targeted  workout without overwhelming my whole system, which can happen very easily. Personally, she's a pleasure to talk with and is always positive and encouraging. Overall a great trainer, especially if you have specific injuries or health concerns. I'd highly recommend her!"

- Alina K. , Speech Language Pathologist    

"Melissa is awesome! She has really helped me to gain flexibility, improve strength, and lose weight. She has and continues to educate herself on the most effective workout techniques. She is fun to work with and really cares about her clients. Whatever your goals are I am confident she can help you."


- Garrik S., Senior Software Engineer

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"Melissa rocks.  I have been working out with her in Alta Plaza park and love it.  A TRX hanging from a tree - what could be more fun than that!  Melissa's holistic approach to fitness is effective, addictive, and fun.  Melissa is an excellent listener and makes my goals her own.  She takes enormous pride in what she does, and she is extremely smart about it.  I contacted Melissa around a year ago - just after my 39th birthday.  My goal was to be in the best shape of my life by the time I turned 40 - which I did last week.  I am without question in the best shape of my life, and I did it in a fun, safe, and positive way.  Melissa helped me with nutrition, worked through minor injuries, and kept me focused and encouraged.  As I accomplished my goals, Melissa was so much a part of it and so proud of me!  I cannot recommend her and her unique approach more highly, and I look forward to being in even better shape when I turn 41!"


- Stefanie S., Lawyer